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VBI was honoured as Top 10 reputation insurance companies in Vietnam 2016


In the annual conference of Vietnam CEO Summit 2016 held on 27th July 2016 in Hanoi, VietinBank Insurance (VBI) was honored to be named as Top 10 best reputation insurance companies in Vietnam 2016. The result was independently assessed by the collaboration between Vietnam Report and VietnamNet based on 3 main criteria: financial  strength, media credibility and clients’ satisfaction.
In the first half of 2016, VBI was honored as Top 1000 Corporate Income Tax Payers in Vietnam 2015 by Vietnam Report and Top 100 Vietnam Excellent Brand in Vietnam by Vietnam Economic Times.

In the first half of 2016, VBI has achieved impressive results: direct insurance premium revenue reached VND 320 billion, increasing by 50.3% compared to the same period of 2015, inward reinsurance revenue touched VND 42.9 billion, growing by 37% as comparison with same period of 2015 and accumulative profit reached VND 34 billion. In 2016, VBI targets VND 800 billion in premium revenue which mean an increase by 50% compared to the previous year.
To achieve these impressive business results, VBI has deployed promotion campaigns for clients such as "Gifts to health insurance customers", "Discount 25% fee for house insurance", "Discount 30% fee for study abroad and travel insurance", etc.
Besides, VBI also deployed the community support activities such as providing health care and health insurance for poor communities in all 63 provinces in the country with a total worth up to VND 18.9 billion.
In 2016, in order to improve its financial capacity and make efficient use of capital and assets, VBI will transform the organizational model and expand its network by opening 5 new branches, apply modern technology in the management process and implement VBI’s brand development strategy. These oriented activities will help VBI to accelerate the aim to be the leader in the retail segment of Vietnam's non-life insurance market.